About FloCyte

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Our passion and purpose

With 20+ years experience providing flow cytometry instruction, FloCyte is uniquely qualified to help scientists around the world successfully apply this powerful technology to their research. FloCyte’s instructional methodology and approach was designed to reinforce fundamental knowledge and to ensure scientists are able to apply the latest trends and best practices to all aspects of flow cytometry. These include instrument setup, panel design and validation as well as more advanced techniques and data analysis. 

The People

FloCyte’s network of partners and instructors are subject matter experts in the field of flow cytometry. Each have backgrounds managing labs, core facilities, and research teams. All have direct experience navigating the complex challenges to successfully leveraging flow cytometry.

The Approach

The FloCyte approach to live training ensures class sizes are small, whether in the classroom or hands on, which provides value over other training options. No other method of learning gives students the unique opportunity to ask questions and get experienced insight into potential problems.